The biggest Game Show in Korea this year, when and where?

 : Now the trade show and exhibition will be held in Bexco, Busan, Korea. Yes, it will soon.... now it's time to warm up...

 This time I am going to participate in it.



 The first event...

: It goes with a quiz game. What you have to do is just find when and where the show will begin. And the prize is the gift ticket for a Ice Americano of Starbucks... It's a lottery so bet on your luck!!!

 The answer is November 15 to 18, 2018 in Bexco, Busan Korea.

So when and where?


2016 G-Star - Games

 : It's a very good opportunity to see the present and future of Korean computer games. This year, the G-Star can be summarized into these words: "Mobile", "Virtual Reality", "Streaming Service and BJ", and "Internationalization". Among them, the streaming service and star-like BJs were conspicuous there. 



 Netmarble Games

 They brought only mobile games, Lineage 2 revolution, Penta Storm and Starwars Force Arena. The number of games are not comparable but they are quite good game. 

 Among them, the starwars was most interesting game but... I don't think it will attract more Korean player... Personally the lineage 2 Revolution was not that good.


Penta Storm

 Penta Strom

 : This is just a mobile version of League of Legend. How they maximize the user interface is the key to success...

Starwars Force Arena

 Starwars Force Arena

 : It's a war between the Dark force and the resistance. You can choose either side as you want. Personally I liked this game... As you know, it's well known.. And Netmarble also focused on it on their booth even though online promotion usually focused on the Lineage revolution.

Lineage 2 Revolution

 Lineage 2 revolution

 : I also played the Lineage 2, PC based MMORPG. It brings the memory... but that's all. And I don't want to be into the game again. And the auto-playing feature... which almost all RPG mobile games have are not for me... 


 Webzen and Longtu

: I guess, hassle and bash type game... are not the main anymore... It should not... I am sick and tired of the style... We need a new style, new fun... But the released games are in the area of that still.....




 : Webzen brought it... It's like a lineage 2 like mmorpg game... which has some special feature. And also it reminded me of MU, the PC based MMORGP of Webzen, which was quite popular before. And this time Webzen also brought 'MU legend', a renewed MU.

Atom's Catch Catch

 Atom's Catch Catch

 : It's a pokemon turn by turn RPG game. And the 'Atom' is a popular Japanese animation character which I really liked when I was a kid. It's made by Longtu, a Chinese game company.

천공의 성

Sky Castle 

 : I needed quite much time to understand the game... It looked like a strategy game.. but I didn't figure out.... It had some characters... and scenarios.... quests...But not sure what's the main purpose.....


The Last Day of G-Star - The games...

 : It's a very good opportunity to see the present and future of Korean computer games. This year, the G-Star can be summarized into these words: "Mobile", "Virtual Reality", "Streaming Service and BJ", and "Internationalization". Among them, the streaming service and star-like BJs were conspicuous there.



 Nexon Booth and the games

 On the last day I felt that 4 days are not enough to see all details and take part in all the events. The main reason is of course the number of visitors... 

 And this time Nexon came to us with the biggest booth ever...


The enormous booth of Nexon

 Nowadays, the quality of the games are basic... as long as I checked there. The graphic, the motion and the details were all amazing... if they are released through a major companies... And there were games presented by students which were not that good... but I can say that they showed the possibility of the students.... So, the important thing is the new idea and new concept of the games....

 Dungeon and fighters, the Soul

 : This is the 3D mobile implementation of 2D based PC game, Dungeon and Fighters. It was very well made.... Yes... it was good...

 Tree of Saviour

 : Tree of Saviour is a PC based game made by a game designer who made "Ragnarok", a MMORPG. And this is the Mobile version of the game. This was also very interesting...  

 Fantasy Town

 : It's like the game, Civilization... Making a town... which probably kids like.

Jin Samgukmussang Unleashed

 : Action RPG mobile game... The realistic combat system... which blow away your stress....

Gunpie Adventure

 : This was very unusual to me... It's an adventure game... like the Tomb Raider.

: The aboves are among 20 mobile games presented by Nexon... Through these, I could see the quality of the mobile games are getting close to PC based games...


 The other games.

: So many games presented by Nexon, which is the biggest publisher in Korea. Total mobile games were 30. Some are what I could try and others were just shown as a movie... 

 Usually, publishers start a game after showing the game on G-Star.... Yes, Nexon also started the games... from this day.

 I couldn't make any movie for PC based games... Among them, there was a prominant game, which was Hyper Universe. It's AOS style game... in other words.. the basic game style is very similar with that of League of Legend.


Nexon games

Lego Quest and Collect

 : The lego characters... are coming to mobile... This is what kids probably like. To me it wasn't that interesting.

Evil Factory

 : A little bit peculiar... which utilize the mobile interface very well... I think this can be fun... 

Tango Five, the Last Dance

 : This is Gang story-RPG game. 

Unknown Heroes

 : Turn by turn, scenario based RPG game. 


G-Star Review Day 2, Part 2 - Long waiting started and Sony Playstation

 : G-Star is a good opportunity to see the trend of gaming and the future.... This G-Star can be summarized into the following keywords: 'Mobile', 'Virtual Reality', 'Streaming service and BJ'. Among them, the Twitch which participated in this and the famous streaming service and famous BJs were conspicuous.


 Long waiting started

 The event sign... which is about SNS promotion. And nowadays almost all booths has this kind of SNS promotional event. And the next photo shows a long line.... from the morning.... And they have to wait for an hour or two there.... The LG and Neople, a game developer were joined there.... LG provides Hardware and Neople provides games, Dungeon and Fighters, Cyphers. 



Modui Mable and Long line of Neople Booth

As you see above, there is a sign saying 180 minutes... which 3 hours... About 7 hours exhibition and three hours of waiting? What the hell... What explains the patience of visitors...

 And the following shows visitors enjoying a game...

 No one would like waiting longer... even with standing on foot. An hour of waiting is not easy also. I saw many people going to other booth while waiting.... This should change for the next big success of G-Star.



 Sony Play Station

: At one side, Sony Playstation took a big booth and on the other side, Netmarble took a big booth. In my opinion, the Sony booth also were very good. 

Sony Booth

: The device, Sony Playstation is a good to see but the main is the games.... well made and also famous... which is why people buy the Playstation. Strangely, the Playstation is not that popular in Korea. PC based games takes more share of Korean game market. As you know, Call of Duty is well made and quite popular... 

Various games... With this device, you can enjoy the games with connecting to any TV.

 The small projector was so good... I wish to have one... Yes, PS can connect to a projector also.

 And beside, it's the famous Call of Duty. Realistic simulation of modern warfare... I tried it... But the problem was the control... Really hard to do that... 

 Inside of the booth there were games made by Ubisoft...


 It says that it's inside because it's for adults.

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