PD Note - In University, military culture, it's just nonsense...

Life in Korea 2018. 8. 21. 22:54

PD Note - In University, military culture, it's just nonsense...

 : Is this because of the sucking current situations in Korea? Or we are retrogressing? Now fucking dictator's daughter and 1%ers got political powers and they do everything for their own good... Is this why? How does Korea become like this... In Korea as you know, every man should do military service in a certain age... 

 Yes, anyway it's an aspect of the rigid Korean society.


 PD Note

 Group centered, generalized, unified... Very non-democratic... traits inside of Koreans... This forces individuals to kill their own individuality... it's a kind of violence. 

 It's not just a problem with the society in University... ignored by professors and the management team of universities...

New Desk News

MBC Assembly of fear

Even the TV chosun's news



 What's the problem?

 It's a problem to solve. The education is the core of the change and revolution. In other words, 1%ers got the control of education... 99% lost the game.. damn it.

 From the elementary school, students undergo power struggle, bully.., which follow to the University... Yes, the trouble is deep rooted in Korean society. 

 University was a symbol of freedom and academic passion... Now it's just a step stone for getting employed by a good company now.... 

Why a strange picture?

 This is to show it's about mindset. And the base is education. If you see how many girls receive plastic surgery, you can see how partial the Korean education is. What I am saying is not that the so many plastic surgeries are wrong, but that the unified thinking or moral standards are dangerous.

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