Choi Yongshin Memorial, Part 1

 : Sangroksu is the title of a novel written by Kim Hun, long ago, the last century. I have read and moved by the life of the teachers... who tried to change Korea by education in an suburban areas... under the Japanese ruling... 

 I also agree with the importance of education... This is why the 1%ers do not give up on this... We lost in the game... in the No Muhyun regime... They protested with all the power they had.... including our current president, Park Geunhye.




 The Memorial Park

 After visiting there, I realized why the location name is Sangroksu... And the life of Choi Yongsin became well known through the true-story novel by Kim Hun... Choi Yongsin was a teacher full of love... which changed the kids there...


Choi Yongsin and a kid

Empty park...

Tomb of the teacher

That is the building for memorial


 Choi Yongsin Memorial


 You would find it hard to understand this place if you are not aware of history of Korea under the Japanese ruling. I guess that is why no tourist from abroad been visible while I was there.

 After the 3.1 movement, people realized how important the education is... And bunch of young people devoted themselves in education in country sides of Korea. Ordinary people then just tried to survive... Less food and exploited... Under the harsh situation, some people focused on education.

 To me, stories about a hero or a king is not that interesting or moving... this kind of ordinary people's story is far more interesting... I think they changed the world... not one people. And this is the story on a women teacher who really loved kids and devoted her life for the enlightening people.


This is what she said...

Memorial Building

The entrance

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