The Perfect World, a Chinese game, closed in Korea but...

Life in Korea 2018. 2. 19. 00:04

The Perfect World, a Chinese game, closed in Korea but...

 : The perfect world is made in China. Quite good. It was expected to hit in Korea but it didn't. They had to close the service....


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But it's quite famous in other countries such as Russia...

 It seems to me that sooner or later Chinese game will take lead in game business.

Game 1 

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5


 Scary China, it will take lead in game also...

 It's not like relationshiop between Korea and Japan, which you might not know of... but the core technologies comes from Japan... In other words when Korea export products, Japan also makes money from it. The important part of the products are imported from Japan. Or Korea needs to pay royalties... We have potential to be the best in the world, as proven in many areas already. But the 1%ers are interested only in keeping their power...

  It won't be easy for China to be more competitive in MMORPG games but it will. But Korea has another thing... you know very solid gamers base. The esports was started in Korea first... Korean gamers are usually hard-core players... which are the base for the advanced game environment.

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