Useful tips for travellers in Myanmar.

1. Only slipper, no snickers. 
 The most important reason is not the hot weather but that you have you take off the shoes frequently while traveling... I advise you to wear even socks due to protect your skin from the sun if you are not a traveller or you are not interested in visiting any temple.

2. Long sleeve rather than short sleeve.
 While wearing short sleeve, I had a difficulty in the pains from the sunlight. It's really stingy when your skin exposed to Sun directly.

3. Water to drink is essential before you go out. 
 It's very easy to get water here. Of course, it should be. Even there are water inside of pots in temples. But the water tastes a little bit strange. But the problem is when you go to unpopulated place. You will get some hardship for getting water. And here drinking a glass of beer after walking a long day is very good.

4. Finding a lodging place.
 You are going to find many information you get from Internet is different from your experience. You'd better believe information from the travellers who just returned from there. 
 You can book a place very easily using an app. The followings are several recommendations.
Yangon - Aung's. near Mingla Market. Booked through AirBnB.
Farwarers' nest - Downtown, Chinatown. 
Scott Hostel - Downtown, Yangon

Bagan - Ostello
Mandalay - A1
               Four Rivers

5. Myanmar is fast changing. Therefore you'd better get some fresh information from the travellers who just arrived from there rather than information from Internet. Even locals there are confused with fast changing Myanmar.

6. Currency Exchange - There are so many places you can exchange your money. No worries. And also there is less chance you get scammed if you change the money in a bank. The currency rate is similar with Korean won.

7. English is OK to communicate here... But if you know Burmese, it's far better. When you have to take a taxi, just give the money you negotiated first time.

8. Entry to Myanmar at the airport was easier than I expected. Some said On-arrival visa is not possible when you didn't buy two way ticket... but some said it was OK.

9. I recommend to use umbrella to avoid the sunlight rather than to use the anti-ultraviolet lotion. Because you are going to sweat alot.

10. Clothes should be simple and easy to wash. What you are going to do when you return your lodging place is to change your clothes... If you bring something to throw away.... 

10. Regulations on baggage is different from each country and each airport... I had to give up the following lighter... I could bring one in a way of carry-in-airplane to Mynamar but when I leave, the guards there asked me not to take....Damn.. 

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