2018 G-Star What's more? Part 1 - Game job convention

 : At G-Star, you can find many things other than just games... International Game Conference(G-CON) where you can find good information on game industry, very serious stuff. And B to B convention for business, and game companies job convention. There are so many things going on these 4 days at G-Star.


 The popularity of the games were reflected directly....

 I had no chance to get an interview there were so many people in line waiting on the 'Friday'. And I couldn't send all day here....

 I didn't expect to see the popularity of the game here... And you can get a chance here to see the recruiters from the companies and get a real information how they can get hired by them... But here even though some were very big game companies, such as EA, they didn't have many candidates... And more people gathered around PUBG of the Battleground, NCsoft, Netmarble and Pearl Abyss of Black Desert...

Longest line, the PURB of the Battleground

2nd one was, the Pearl Abyss of the Black Desert

 Was it because of the gifts to be given to the interviewers? Of course not. That was not the only factor here... There were gifts in other booth... It was the place where you can see which game is popular in Korea.


 Wow, good and delicious eats were prepared... I totally enjoyed. I felt like I was treated very well here. And I am very precious candidate for the companies....which others would have felt....

 And there were more than these.... on this friday.

 Resume and Career consulting, 1 minute caricature. And there were also caligraphy and taro....

 Many events happened at this convention. Some people would come here just for the game show... but you can find many things here... And not enough time was the only problem here I had gotten. 

 Besides, there were a good seminas going on. As you see it was packed with people... There were many serious job seekers....


 Good and bad at the job convention

 It was very different on Saturday. Just few recruiters kept the booth. And less crowded... Still I don't know why...

 As you see, there are clear difference between the pictures of Friday and Saturday.

On Friday

On Saturday

 So luckily, I could interview with some recruiters there. And I decided to get some interviews with recruiters from PUBG and Pearl Abyss. 

 Pearl Abyss(Black Desert): "I didn't come here to recruit really... rather for promotion. And to find the interests which job seekers have and let them apply through our recruiting system on our web site. They know 'Black Desert' but not 'Pearl Abyss'. So I want them to know of Pearl Abyss.


 Q. Most popular here, right? Now many interviewers so far? A. I guess more than 200 candidates. 

 Q. Do you think you got more candidates because the PUBG is popular in Korea? A. Yes, right. 

 Q. Did you actually hire a person? A. No.  

 Q. Will you hire if you find a good candidate? A. I will report him or her to the management team of the company. I don't have that authority.

 Q. Do you expect more better candidates to apply for your company? A. Not planned... it's the first time as 'PUBG'.

 Q. You prepared gifts and I see no gift left here. Is this because there were more interviewers than expected? A. Yes.

 FYI, the PUBG got independent after the size of the parent company, blue hole got bigger due to the huge success of the PUBG game. It was around 2009 and after that, it was first time for them to come here as recruiter. 

 And, I came to hear of some words from a recruiter of Masang Soft. I asked if you came here actually to hire someone? And the answer was different from the major companies. They came actually to hire someone.. But there were no candidate at the job conference.... I felt so sorry for that... 

 One interviewee at the Mearkat and empty Neowiz..

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