Tracing 60 minutes(Chujeok 60), The rice in contraversy

Life in Korea 2018. 6. 26. 18:59

Tracing 60 minutes(Chujeok 60), The rice in contraversy 


Is there any reliable food in Korea?

It was shocking itself. How much we try to avoid bad food, we finally come to eat bad food because of the irresponsible government and the people not acting out. Even the evident signal of mass deaths of cows cannot change the reality. The responsible agencies and governmental organizations only try not to take responsibility on it. And the damage from it are inflicted on ordinary people who are so busy in living.

It's the program who reported it.

And it's the Video


Yes, we are fucked up.

I really want to emigrate if possible. I really don't want to live in this fucking country. I really don't know what to believe and what to do about it in Korea. Even the ecology friendly rice had toxic agricultural chemicals. Damn it!

In this situation, how can I eat food at a restaurant.

And also another news report on it by JTBC. We live in this fucking country. The real problem is the people who don't act about it.

Therefore I don't believe the below news.

The result of the testing residual chemicals in rice shows that 99.5% are safe(New in Korean).

And also there is a report like this.

The seriousness of the agricultural chemicals in rice

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