According to the article of Chosunilbo issued on 16th of November, 2006, In 2005, it was estimated that 15 billion won was spent on English Education but Korea took the 12th rank among 15 Asian Nations in the English Proficiency. This is amazing. Isn't it? What's happenning now?  And what's wrong with English Education in Korea. Comparing with Japan that spent about 5 billion won, we spent about 2.6 times more money on that.

 What's going on?


 I think the main problem is the attitude to Language. Language is not knowledge but just language. Language is about feeling, experience, and tools.


 The ideal Approach is to give the direct experience to the learner.


 Problems with Current Korean Education System. Test-centered, English is treated as a knowledge not language in most classrooms in Korea. The results from the public educations' failure to meet needs of the korean learners.


My high School Experience

 Before we go back to my high school life, I want you to understand that this is only from my experience.

 In my high school, I learned English in the wrong way. I've just studied English Grammar and memorized word by word using Korean to understand that word. I studied English really hard but the result from my high school education was the good score on the test and abundant knowledge about English without speaking English fluently enough considering my efforts. I've tried to master English for a long time but still I am on the road to my goal.


 Now, what is considered as best way to master English is putting someone in English Spoken Environment such as going abroad, living with a native speaker at home and so on. So we spend a lot of money for going abroad to English Spoken Countries. And even several english towns were built, where only english must be spoken of course using lot of money. These are only for providing real environment where only English is forced to be spoken to give them real experiences. But all are not cost-effective. Parents have to pay lots of money for it. Children from middle class family would have difficulties in budget.


 Let's suppose that technology can solve this problem. OK, if the technology can provide good environment for learning English like in the movie "Matrix" cost effectively. I mean a technology can give student as real environment as it can be with cheap price. We can take the share of the market.


 What is best for Korean English Education Market?


Korean Market Information From British Counsil


 Koreans have traditionally placed great importance on education. Over 85 per cent choose to pursue for a higher education in Korea. Admission to a prestigious university is considered a pathway to success. There are high levels of private funding throughout the system. Pre-schools and all schools beyond middle school level, as well as colleges and universities, charge tuition fees. In addition, widespread use of private teaching complements formal school education. It is estimated that Korean parents spend up to 34 per cent of their income in educating their children. The emphasis on educational success has created a thriving private tutoring sector and is driving a growing market for overseas education.






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