What kind of game is the Blade & Soul?

온라인게임(Online Game) 2018. 5. 17. 12:38

1. NCsoft made an amazing MMORPG.

   I can say that BnS is the most advanced MMORPG ever made. I think I have to say that I am a lucky guy because I live in Korea. Among other MMORPG made by NCsoft, its fee is quite high, about 30 dollars a month(FYI, about 50 dollar for the package, Diablo 3). Even though there are lots of people playing the game. Nowadays, more and more people get indulged with it. I see many woman players playing the game in an Internet Cafe I am going to.

 You can check the game on the Korean web site, http://bns.plaync.com/ 

2. Brief Introduction of the game.

  It's based on the Martial Arts Fantasy which has a deep history rooted in China like "wizardry in Europe".

  One of the amazing things in this game is that it realized almost every thing which a Martial Arts Fantasy fan read on a novel such as Kyounggong(almost like flying so lightly on land, you've seen this on a movie), some special skills, evil energy and so on. Therefore you can jump on a cliff and move on a rock by rock, even running on a water.

  This is the screenshot of my character(a necromancer, Tribe, "Lin"). It's very cute.


It's the basic interface of the game. The control is not easy. You need some time to get used to the controlling.

3. Will it hit worldwide?

This is not what I am sure because each country has some special tendency and preference. But I am sure that it will be megga-hit in East Asia and especially in China.

4. It is leading a game culture in Korea.

Sooner or later, the voice chat will be a kind of basic function which a MMORPG has to have. Still there are people prefer to chat using text. But If you play this game, you will find it difficult to type while playing. While playing, there are many things to care of. If you lose a attention while fighting against a boss monther, your character will die soon.

If you see the following movie, you might get some idea on this game.

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