An Ansan Internet Cafe, Story PC and Espresso Public in front of Suwon Station

 : I saw the placard advertising this PC bang. It says that it's the best in Ansan. So I decided to go there. And the Espresso Public which I went to in the expectation of good taste of a coffee...


 Story PC Bang

 It was 1,500 won an hour. FYI, now some PC bang(Internet Cafe) adopted a kind of auto-ticket booth system. You can buy a usage ticket from a machine like buying a subway ticket... Post paying system is more convenient to customers than the pre-paying system. But this PC bang had the post paying system. And the part time workers were pretty as the Ads said.


 And another characteristic the PC bangs have around this area is that mechanical keyboard was equipped... And whenever pressing a key, lights blinks in each key.

This was the ads on the street

Outside of the PC bang

You can use WiFi here

And also a good Americano



 Espresso Public

 It wasn't the taste I wanted... You go there for chatting and meeting people.. not for a coffee taste.

 It seems to be old... This kind of coffee restaurant is strange to me... I think they should change the name... into more acceptable and realistic one.


 Disapointed with the taste but very good interior.


At the door

Very good 


Comfortable chair

A little bit high price..


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