2018 G-Star What's more? Part 5 - Opening Ceremony, flashmob and the resting place of Fortnite


 The opening ceremony

 It was 10 am on the 15th of November. Usual. But the 'Catchy praise' different this time. Let the games be Stars.... 


Opening ceremony



 Flashmob and Fortnite Shelter

 Flashmob was unexpected. Suddenly people came out and started dancing... Flashmob at the gameshow... Interesting!!!



 One of my favorites at the G-Star.... the resting place... It was very good. I can charge my phone also here... Looks like inside of the game, Fortnite.

The resting place of Fortnite

 This corner is reserved for the resting place in each G-Star. This time, Fortnite took it. And this played a good role for visitors to feel how the Fortnite is.... And successful to give good impressions to visitors....


2018 G-Star What's more? Part 4 - Food Truck and Fortnite, Haeundae

 : It was from 2017... maybe... as far as I remember. The food trucks came to G-Star... And it's very good choice for the visitors. Very simply, fill the stomach. 


 Food trucks and the booth outside

 There were so many people waiting for the meals ready. It was about 1:20 pm. And there must have been more people around 12 pm.... Of course there are restaurants at the basement of Bexco. But people like me don't want to spend much money for the lunch and the menus are so limited. And food trucks satisfy the needs. Good price and variety of choices.... And considering the number of visitors, the restaurants at the underground are not enough... 

 Feel like all the food trucks gathered here.... 

Food Trucks

 Booths outside... The locations and numbers are fixed here. The variation is who's going to take the place.... 

 And the main G-Star starts from the booths outside....

Why E-Mart at Game show? Here you will understand.

Emart and Play Green

Emart app download and subscription and then get gifts from there...


 Booths outside and the fortnite in Haeundae

 Emart at the parking lot and other booths in front of the Bexco building. Google play, X.D. GLOBAL's Byukramhangro, Disruption 3rd, Fortnite, Friends racing and Nexon's Giftbox were the participants. 

Google play and the Byukramhangro

And on the other side, there was a stage for the Cosplay.

Cosplay Stage

 And I want to show you the Fortnite booth in Haeundae, which is the main sponsor of the G-Star this year. The Epik games decided to promote the game here very seriously this time... The Fortnite became the rank 15 in 4th week of November... Quite amazing...

 Ranking news in the Inven: http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=211056&sclass=26

 Influenced by the promotion at this G-Star...

 This time, Epik games spent some amount of money for this promotion... I don't know how much successful this game will be in Korea. It's now 1st ranking in the world but not in Korea.... At this time when I write this, it's 28th rank. in the 4th week of December, 2018. Totally different market right? 


Fortnite outside booth

Fortnite in the evening

 The booth opened until 9 pm... each day... .. And many people got to know of the game... But if it opened in Summer, the effect of the booth in Haeundae would be more bigger.... but in Autumn and Winter....


2018 G-Star What's more? Part 3 - G-Station and Unity

 : At G-Star, you can find many things other than just games... International Game Conference(G-CON) where you can find good information on game industry, very serious stuff. And B to B convention for business, and game companies job convention. There are so many things going on these 4 days at G-Star.



 Coming with a motto, '365 days' G-Star, the G-Station has been stationed at the Subway Station of Centum City. You can visit even after the G-Star finished.  


 According to the description, here you can experience game. This is everyday game experience promotional station. 

 Location: Exit 12, 13 at the Centum City Subway Station which is opposite direction to the Bexco.



Sharing Swear Paper for pet plant


 I totally agree with this decision. I expect Busan to be the center of world game... like piff.


 Unity Cafe

 I have to explain of the Unity. Many games has been made using this Unity Engine. According to a news in 2017, 38 % of top 1000 mobile games were made by this Unity engine in 2016. Among 50 android based top revenue games, 54% were made with Unity Engine. Among top 100, it was 60%.

 Beside, the number of the downloaded games of Unity Engine in 2016 were 16 billion. 

 Unity is a 3D game authoring tool like Unreal Engine.

 Unity Korea: https://unity3d.com/kr

They rented the whole coffee shop for the days...

At the cafe

Ticket for a cup of coffee.


 There was a semina which were so helpful for the staff of game company. The actual data and the strategies... Marketing and so on. From this, I got to think of the future of the game....which will absorb every aspects of entertainment business.... 

 The entertainment has been developed in terms of the reality of the experience... in a big sense.

 Simple picture and gestures -> Verbal expressions -> Play -> Movie -> Games -> VR

 Like this... Computer Games also can be categorized like this.... text based mud game -> Dot graphic -> Vector graphic -> 3D -> VR.

 If game industry is turned over to VR(when VR becomes popular), the major share of the entertainment business will move to VR.....


2018 G-Star What's more? Part 2 - Game Conference

 : At G-Star, you can find many things other than just games... International Game Conference(G-CON) where you can find good information on game industry, very serious stuff. And B to B convention for business, and game companies job convention. There are so many things going on these 4 days at G-Star.


 So good lecture

 With this conference, G-Star has been upgraded so much. If you are serious about gaming business, you should take the lectures...

Registration booth

Inside, there were so many people. I didn't expect it.

 It was so short in time. I barely got the time on the part of "E-Sports" which was so interesting. With it, I could see the trend and the reality surrounding the E-Sports.

 Actually, I didn't expect that many people to come here.. It's very boring usually.. but... 


 About e-sports

 It was very interesting to be able to see the E-Sport in terms of business. 

There was a interpreting device.


Comparing it with other sports

 This statistics compares it with Superball. It shows the number of people watching them. It shows more people watched League of Legend match than World series of NBA.

 And also the lecturer thought we should regard the E-sports as a sports like other sports games such as football, basket ball and so on. 

 From this lecturer I could see the future... when E-sports will be an official game of Olympics. When? I don't know but eventually it will be.  

 And No 1 language was Chinese and then Korean, and then English.  

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