Hospital of the Busan National University in Yangsan - Witnessed a grand local hospital

 : Unexpectedly, I came to the hospital... located in a small city called, 'Yangsan'. I expected one building hospital but... I was a little shocked with the size.

 People don't save money for their life or health. I've seen pharmacies in every corner even in Uzbek. And usually Pharmacies and Hospitals are equipped with good facilities.

 On the 18th December, the profit oriented corporation of hospitals was approved in Jeju... What does this mean? Like USA, if you don't have much money, you are not getting medical treatment...

 In 2005~6, in the underdeveloped country, Uzbek, I've seen Phamarcy at every corner with good interior decoration... The hospital seems to reflect the reality... even poor countries need medical attention so much!


 Yangsan PNU hospital

 There were total 12 buildings. Among them the building for kids or conveniences and kids' hospital was a kind of new things to me... And this was open from 2009... Yes, they are newly built...

 Even more, they had a really spacious parking lot and resting place...



The buildings..

Building for convenience

Kids hospital


Even Korean traditional medicine hospital

Toilet at the Dentist Hospital... Warm water came out even in winter...



 Worried about the future of Korean medical welfare

 These facilities are not free... or came from nothing.... This shows how much money a hospital can make... We have huge National Health Insurance which are obligatory to all citizen in Korea. Huge money is spent for the hospital....I can induct... Even under the insurance system, they already make huge revenue... if they focus on only profit... how much money would they be able to make... Even now, if there is a sick person in a family, they get bankrupt. This is reality.. Because even the insurance cannot cover all the expense. From the Docu movie, Sicko, I know very well of the reality of medical situation in USA... I think it in Korea will be very similar with that of USA

 In this horrible situation, if they build hospitals only for profit in Korea, all the resources will be gathered around the hospitals... And ordinary people will have difficulty in getting good medical treatment. Even we have the insurance system, some people made a cooperative union for hospital... for better medical care, which is in Ansan. 

 Our insurance system has many flaws... Rich people pay less money... and salary man pays a lot proportionally...

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