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Myanmar Travel - The preparing Part 1, Flight ticket and seat number

 : Before deciding to go to Myanmar, I've never thought of visiting other countries.. While researching on the traveling preparation, I found some program so called 'laid over' by which I can stay in a country where I am going to transfer to another airplane just before going to destination... I will write about it later... 

 Anyway preparation never ends... And even it's not easy. There are so many things to be done, including exercising for my health.

 Myanmar is a buddhist country. It has the famous human rights political activist, Aung San Sukiy... I've met several people from Myanmar who were so nice. This was the main factor for me to decide to go there.


 Buying a flight ticket

: How do Koreans buy a ticket.... Usually they buy through a travel agency, which is very convenient but costly...  The preparation for this trip started by searching on information on air ticket. More than 600 USD it costs... Therefore I cannot decide easily... I had to see the date and conditions.... Of course there was cheaper tickets... but the myanmar friends who would go there with me already bought the ticket... And I didn't have much choices....

The search result....by Skyscanner

Selected ticket.

: Important points here



 - Reservation -> Register passport -> Payment -> Issuing -> Ensuring seat.

 - If you buy a ticket departing from Korea, you can buy ticket only with Korean won, not with other currency.... There must be an agreement between stake holders.

 - As payment methods, bank transfer, credit card are possible. And I couldn't make payment as soon as I reserve. I had a phone call from an agency who sold the ticket... and asked me several questions... and I could proceed... I guess this is to be sure on the schedule... not to be a problem later....

 - You don't need to be a member of the website to buy a ticket.

 - FYI, Thai airline is a member company of the Star Alliance including Aisana airline which I like. And Vietnam Airline is a member of Skypass.... including Korean Airline. And thai and Thai smile was separate companies.... International air is done by Thai airline and domestic flight is done by Thaie Smile.  

 - Ticket printing is anytime possible. No worries. And you don't need a paper ticket for checking in. What you need is just your passport.. That's enough.

I got the emails like followings....

Travel Itinerary by Thai Smile

: And here I see the price by Thai Baht... And it.. was so cheap....

Only about 100 USD...

: I've checked several times... but it was sure.... I couldn't understand... why it's so cheap... I got curious... but I find that that must be the price just for domestic flight... Bangkok to Yangon... If it is not... so much profit, where does it go?


 Try to find a way to pay by dollars... and seat reservation.

Seat researving is kind of easy. What you have to do is just click on a seat you like by seeing a picture, the seat map And the picture seat reservation couldn't be done in iexplorer... but it worked very well in chrome browser. 

Even if you reserve the ticket through the Thai airline, you are going to pay it with Korean won..

Reserving seat is like following. Click on the "Go".

And then the next page is about seat reserving.

After you select, the selected seat will be highlighted purple.

Like following... the domestic flight was not possible to book a seat.

: I guess buying a ticket is not that different in case you buy it online.... The world is getting closer...

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